WordPress Training

wordpress-previewWe provide personal WordPress training either one to one or a group. A training session costs £200.00.

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There will be an initial consultation and examination of your site setup.
Training is on-site and the training session typically lasts for 2-3 hours.

How to set up WordPress

Introduction to WordPress
How to set up a WordPress website in 15 mins
How to publish posts, pages, images and videos

How to manage content in WordPress

An explanation of content management in WordPress
How to create professional looking pages and posts
How to add links
Inserting and embedding media – images, video, audio
How to create and arrange menus
Comment moderation

How to monitor and moderate comments

How to stop spam
How to make your site look great with WordPress themes

Themes and how can you use them

How to install themes
Recommended themes

How to add functionality to your site with WordPress plugins

Overview of plugins
How to install plugins
5 top WordPress plugins and what they do
How to use plugins and widgets to improve your website’s functionality

Search Engine optimisation

How to make sure your website is optimised for Search Engines
Use pretty urls that will improve click through rates
Tagging and categorising your posts – how to do it and why it’s important
How to add meta descriptions in your content to improve ranking


How to make sure your WordPress website is secure
How to back up your WordPress website

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